You Are…

You are the maestro

who writes the rhythm

of my heart…

In your presence, my words

never take a natural course!

It’s your eyes that force

my thoughts out of my mind!

And divine my words out of my heart

When you are near – my

heart beats aloud

When you are far, – my

heart weeps in silence…

My thoughts obsessed in your absence – but my

Lips go dry in your proximity!

I measured my words for

you are softer than petal

Milder than dew!!!

Like a

much treasured jewel in the safe – for the

fear of losing

I keep a safe distance…

Jane Rajesh

25. 11. 18


Cry of Fate

Dark pits of mind
with darkened motives
through mazy ways find
devastating plots
to hit and harm and hurt
the captives of Time …
I’m blamed!

When trails of words unleashed
And every gloomy deed
targeted to shatter
the peace of victims of Time…
I’m reviled!!

When the proposed acts of stumbling blocks
targeted at the
Prisoners of Time…
I’m cursed!

When I’m naive and passive,
When the course of my passage
is silent and waveless
Morons threw stones and garbage
Defiling my august presence in the
unending maze of life
ill – fated….

Jane Rajesh

Cry of Woods

Million shades of green
Painted along the silvery stream,
With lofty leaves,
Scaly barks and mighty trunks
together we stand ; the Woods –
‘lovely, dark and deep’
Tall beauty beasts
Garbed in morning mists…
The dancing boughs decked with diamond dews
Flickering bits of light pattern the damp soil…
Sun strives to fondle its darling Earth!!

Winding, slithering, snaky roads
Crept into Kingdom of Green!!!
Lush green giants felled!!!
Our nights interrupted with lights!
Leaves coated with soot
Owls fear to hoot – with
Honkings of bus
Bees forget to buzz…
Amputated giants feel grateful
For they are spared…
Clicking selfies,
Many a strangers stopped by.
Only to add a coke tin or other!!
While I get choked in your filthy smoke…
You wheeze in my serene mist…

Jane Rajesh


Words are inadequate
But your words are limited
Words are confined
But without your words
days are meaningless
Words out weigh the thoughts of heart
Words fill the space
And overflow
Words maybe superfluous, enticing,
contradictory, piercing, soothing….
But when the wind is empty of words
It has no connotations!!
Void is airless and noise less!
But voice gives structure to words…
It is the chant that keeps the soul singing
Eyes, music, art speak their own language
Words give meanings to their toil
If your words are silent,
Our communication fails!!!
Inbox awaits your mails,
And my heart recollects our tales!!
Words make a mighty world!
Where, everything I behold is golden
Without our conversation
Every minute is a burden…

Jane Rajesh

May 2018

I know there’s a heart
That will respond to every word of mine
eyes can deceive
Face holds a mask
Wearing a sweet smile
Words never let the truth known…
But I know
There’s your heart
Which awaits my words
Reacts to my vibes
All the emotions recorded
With utmost sincerity
Every thought and action
Finds anchored…
Vignettes of dreams crystalize
A forum for my artistic nuances to blossom
Wide Bay where I dive to
Find coral reeves of love and oysters with pearls of warmth
Every moment I divine
Your founts of love anew.

June 2018

Jane Rajesh

Voice of the Social Media

Dedicated to all the loving souls (married men) who spend their time swiping and scrolling the smart screen!!!


If she’s near talk to her
I’m far you can speak to her
Are you in fear?
Do not let the spear of fear tear your cheer
If she’s near talk to her Dear!
Your words smear sugar
Your tone and pitch
Bear bower
Talk like never before
Hug like ever seen
She’s yours
You are waiting for years
Let your hands take the reins
Words are synonymous only to silence
She’s yours…
Track ur path to pleasure

Don’t get angry
This is my fancy
If it goes promptly
Everything is Heavenly

Jane Rajesh

May 2018

A Prison With Open Doors

A prison with open doors….
Hours of standing
Make your limbs tremble
Voice become feeble with
Teaching at the top of your voice
Searching for an oasis of your choice
Laden with burdens
Pushing yourself through the hurdles
A chair with four legs
Beckons you
To the prison with open doors!!
Your words are followed like Magi’ s star 🌟
Your thoughts are cluttered with
“what ifs”
You inhale skepticism
You exhale criteria
Hollowmen of the Prison with open doors!!
Every corner resonates
Unwritten tasks of files
Nooks and window sill
Play pranks to deceive you
Air is filled with chants of
In the prison with open doors!!!

Jane Rajesh


You have a big heart
My desires you won’t thwart
it’s a bit crowded too
In despair, I’d afraid to woo
Still there’s more space
I rush into your heart’s maze
Your heart is
an enigma impossible to emulate
A riddle with no conclusions – a
Concealed secret
Unravelled puzzle…
Like frozen icicles – I
Choose to crystalize my unstable being
In your Fairy land…

© Jane Rajesh

Product of a Lazy Mind

Your grip so tight I
Feel too light
Your fragrant fingers slide,
On my body, they glide
While they pressed with perfection
I know…
Your mind flies in imagination!!
Holding my upper part
Your right hand gives a pressure!
So rare a treasure
With sounds of pleasure
While your left hand danced and
my lower area – nuanced
in your creative pats and beats!!
With every strokes my cascading
Deep sound echoed shimmering
With the bliss of music 🎶

I’m sorry….
I triggered your emotion
Don’t burn with passion…
It’s just the song of a guitar 🎸 😊

Jane Rajesh